30 March 2012

Ramen Bootcamp at Ichi-Ban Boshi ~ The Galleries, City

After three trips to Japan and countless ramens around Sydney, we've come to the conclusion that the more ramen we eat, the less we understand it.  We realise we barely know our shio from our shoyu, so we take a week of ramen re-education camp at Ichi-Ban Boshi, at The Galleries in the city.

28 March 2012

China Tour ~ Guangzhou & Zhuhai

Guangzhou is the home of Cantonese cuisine. After a hell bus trip we eat what we can and muse about the possibilities left behind.

26 March 2012

Takeru Poporo ~ Japanese - Market City, Chinatown

Alison's face lights up like she's a six year old with a McHappy Meal when Japanese spaghetti is suggested for dinner. Japanese spaghetti is like kids' party food for grownups: it's cheesy and fun, but with fish eggs and seaweed.

23 March 2012

Tamana's North Indian Diner ~ Newtown

Generations of folks who have lived, studied and played around Newtown have a special place in their heart for Tamana's Indian on King Street. Tamana's is best known for a quick "3 curries on rice" from the bain-marie, but they also have some thali, chaat and dosa dishes worthy of investigation.

19 March 2012

13 March 2012

Ashfield Cafe ~ Malaysian ~ Hercules Street, Ashfield

It's funny how the most 'overseas' we've felt in a Sydney restaurant lately was in an old school Aussie milk bar.


10 March 2012

Shanghai Delicious Food ~ Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Shanghai Delicious Food speaks the truth. It's from Shanghai. It's Delicious. And it's Food.


08 March 2012

China ~ The Tulou Tour from Hell

Living large on a Chinese only speaking bus tour to the famous tulous and onwards to Guangzhou.

06 March 2012

Eastwood Korean Restaurant

We try an Eastwood Korean Restaurant called Eastwood Korean Restaurant. It's in Eastwood.

03 March 2012

Pondok Buyung Indonesian Restaurant - Kensington

We couldn't pick a single favourite restaurant in Sydney, but Pondok Buyung would be in our top three list, if we had one. Man we love this joint.


01 March 2012

Maya Vegetarian Indian Restaurant ~ Surry Hills

Looking to eat where Indian folks go? Maya Vegetarian in Surry Hills.


Rice House, Bulgogi Burgers and the Rise of Korean Food in Southport, Gold Coast

We do our little bit to spread the word on the excellent hole-in-the wall Korean restaurants in Southport, the 'Chinatown' of the Gold Coast.